Who You Callin’ Crazy?

“Stop acting crazy.” “Can you just act normal?” These expressions are embedded in our culture.”Who You Callin’ Crazy?” is the working title of a short film we’re putting together. It is based on “Nuthouse I and II,” a set of diaries written while the author was hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic in The Netherlands in October 2010. The history of cinema is filled with the portrayal of madness as the distortion of normalcy. We question whether normalcy itself is distortion. The sands between these states are shifting, and herein lies our fascination with the diaries.

Diaries for "Who You Callin' Crazy".

We are are thinking about how best to recreate the  fluidity and relativity of time represented in the original story. Like mood and state of mind, atmosphere is intangible but palpable, making it ticklish to re-create. What follows is a set of colored storyboards detailing some skeletal elements:

  • The characters (both patients and non-patients), represented in the color blue;
  • The sounds, represented in orange;
  • The locations within the hospital, represented in red;
  • The repeated gestures, represented in green;
  • The marking of time, represented in black;
  • The element of the patient’s storytelling, mostly fantastic and surreal, represented by purple.

Skeletal storyboard for "Who You Callin' Crazy?"

The author twisted the diaries into a story of distortion— of the mind, of time, of narrative. The story presents the surreal as well as the tragic aspects of being hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic . The characters are real.

The film will be produced without using actors. We are interested in using narrative, sounds/music, and light as the basis for this production.


All updates on this project will be placed in the category “Short Film”/”Who You Callin’ Crazy.”



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